Shot with Tess yesterday. 

It was her birthday on Friday. So blessed to be able to call her a friend for almost 9 years. 

Asker Anonymous Asks:
What's the best thing about being young and living in California? - Sara
cubiclemonkey cubiclemonkey Said:

The best thing about California… there isn’t one thing. California is just amazing all around. But from a photography standpoint California is beautiful. The oceans are blue, the sunsets are golden, the hills are vibrant, and the people are interesting. It’s hard to generalize because it’s so big and there are some parts that aren’t so great, but from a southern California prospective, it rocks. You want the beach? We got it. You want the desert? We got it. You want the urban jungle? We got it. You want to be a stones throw away from a wild weekend in Mexico? We got it. You want horrible reality shows based on the county you live in? We got it (although New Jersey is a fierce contender). 

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi Teddy, can you tell us a little about yourself? - Sara
cubiclemonkey cubiclemonkey Said:

The most difficult part of any of these interviews is the introduction. Do you say Hello? Greetings? or do you just get right to it? I think I’ll just get right to it. My professional name is Ted, my stage name is Teddy, and on my birth certificate it says Theodore. Long story short my name is whatever you want it to be. I just recently turned 23 this past September 11th (save your looks of pity it really isn’t that bad), but I really feel like I turned 50. And given that I just graduated from college about a year ago for Criminology, Law and Society and with a minor in Political Science, I’m currently studying the art of living life to the fullest with my camera along for the ride.

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I recently did a little interview with Sara. She has a way with her words and I had a great time answering her questions. So I hope you get to know me a bit more after reading. I’ll be posting some of the Q & A’s shortly. 






Hanging out with Olivia


Made myself dinner inspired by Hawaii. (Taken with Instagram)