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Cat Teepee 


Mug fail. I managed to buy my friend all the mugs she already has.

If I had to grab life by the horns, they need to be gold. 

Last night at my friend Lexie’s studio warming 

A tea house that I went to that literally looked like a house until you went to the courtyard, which looked like my Grandma’s backyard. 

I’ve been eating an insane amount of food lately and I can’t really pin point the reason why that seems to be the case. Unless….unless, I’m pregnant. 

I had such a wild friday in Hollywood. Somehow managed to bump into Carmen Electra, Jerry Ferrera, and Dizzy Reed. It was pretty random, but tiring. So I spent the day at this awesome tea place in Fullerton to recharge. I wish I remembered what it was called :(  

So proud of this fish that hangs with my scarves. 

I do some of my best thinking at coffee shops. 

Went to this place called Pieology in Orange County this weekend. Basically the chipotle of pizzas. So good.